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New Zealand Business Directory List Free Advertising Information

New Zealand Business Directory List Free Advertising Information advertising with your own full page website Ad and own URL. Search Engines including Google find your free listing page without clients having to be on New Zealand business directory.

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Placing an New Zealand business directory free Listing Ad is fast and easy

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Register for New Zealand Business Directory Free Listing by entering your own User Name and your email address and we will send you a password to login and create your free listing. Your Password will be sent by a No-Reply Email and may go to you junk mailbox.

Simply then Login with your user name and the password we sent you. You can change your password soon as you login. Then press ‘Create Listing’ to create your Free New Zealand Business Listing. Yes, it’s that easy.

Importantly, when you register with your email, customers will contact you by this email address, using our built-in email form. Your registered email address cannot be changed without you doing a new listing. So please register with the email address you want customers to contact you.

New Zealand Business Directory Privacy Policy is simple – Webtell New Zealand Business Directories will not give your email address to anyone! Your information, whether public or private, will not be sold, exchanged, transferred, or given to any other company for any reason whatsoever.

We respect your privacy and we hate spams as much as you do.

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Features Included on a New Zealand Business Directory Free Listing

New Zealand Business Directory free listing includes you designing and publishing live your New Zealand Business Listing. Add text with full features; add links, photos, videos, email form built in and a Google directions map included.

Furthermore our Free New Zealand business listing comes with full features enabling you to –

  • Add unique text to describe your New Zealand business with full features such as text color, size and font.
  • Upload up to 25 of your New Zealand business photos.
  • Easily add up to 2 videos by just adding the You Tube share link.
  • Choose up to 4 categories from our list of 2,000 exact New Zealand business categories
  • Add followed links to your own New Zealand website or other services.
  • Customers can find your New Zealand business with a directions Google map included.
  • Receive emails from your New Zealand listing ad with our built in email form
  • Publish your own Free listing live within minutes of registering with Webtell.
  • Have your own New Zealand business URL address to your page.
  • Login and edit or change your New Zealand business listing as much as you want and publish your changes immediately.
  • We are mobile phone friendly and small computer devices friendly.
  • All new New Zealand listings a checked for credibility.
  • We use local New Zealand Fast Data Servers

Successful SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Business Listings

For your search engine optimization to be successful with your New Zealand business listing, pay close attention to these listing attributes; Business Name, Address, Phone Number, Categories, Photos, Social Profiles, etc.

Send the right signals to search engines and be of value listing a business. This is how you need to think about using New Zealand local business directories and not simply for links.

Most noteworthy are our 2,000 New Zealand business categories. Hence you will find a few exact business categories. Scrolling and adding your exact categories to your business may seem a trivial step, however it’s actually one of the most important SEO business listing attributes.

New Zealand Business directory uses skillful local search engine optimization (local SEO) and all the hard SEO work is done. Especially relevant your New Zealand Business listing page will come up in searches without customers having to even be on New Zealand business directory. Due to your full page listing has its own URL, combined with our local SEO and exact categories for search engines.

Importantly add links to your own website and these will be followed links. Hence your own website will appear in a higher position in search results on search engines like Google.

New Zealand Business Directory is a high quality directory and listing will give your own website an SEO boost. Send the right signals to Google and think long term. Submitting your site to a high quality New Zealand Business Directory is just one spoke in the ever expanding wheel of SEO.

How Google views New Zealand Business Directories

In the past business owners became obsessed with submitting their sites to as many New Zealand directories as possible, regardless of poor or good quality, or relevancy.

Consequently Google decided enough was enough and started devaluing links from poor quality directories. Furthermore Search engines started removing poor quality directories from their index.

Webtell New Zealand Business Directory send the right signals to search engines and Google about your website. All our listings are active legitimate businesses with contacts and a physical address. Webtell Directories are seen by search engines as reputable and of good quality.

Search engines now put a focus on good quality links over poor quantity links. Most noteworthy, Webtell New Zealand Business Directories only has good quality links.

Renewing your New Zealand Business Directory Free Listing

Better quality New Zealand directories will charge for listing your business. Webtell New Zealand Business Directory free listing is for 3 months than renewal is only $12 Australian dollars for 6 months.

Established businesses can add as many 6 month periods as they want increasing their expiry date by 6 months each time. Each 6 month period costs $12 Australian dollars. There are no contracts and you can delete your listing at any time.

Hence, 6 month renewals ensure all our listings are current, up to-date and not a ceased business. New Zealand businesses listed that do not renew are deleted. This is good for your business SEO and keeps Google very happy. Google comes back to see who’s gone and who is an established business staying.

New Zealand Business Directory Free Listing Comparisons

Local advertising your New Zealand business listing on Webtell Directories is sure fire way to get some additional Search Engine Optimization. Therefore listing is a great way to promote your New Zealand business online.

Back links to websites are the lifeblood that feeds the search engines ranking for your own site. However Poor quality New Zealand directories will have little to no value to you and can even hurt your own websites ranking.

Therefore it is very important point to remember, not all back-links are equal. Hence not all online New Zealand business directory listings are beneficial. In fact, some can actually harm your business. If you would like to know more about what makes a Directory of Poor or Good Quality. Compare our Directory to others

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In Conclusion

New Zealand Business Directory purpose is to bring New Zealand businesses and customers together and not by making revenue by ads. New Zealand Business Directory is clutter free with no commercial ads.

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