New Zealand Business Directories Support Help Videos Tutorials Tips

New Zealand Business Directories Support Help Videos Tutorials Tips.

New Zealand Business Directories support help videos tutorials tips and best practices when submitting your New Zealand business. When you List an New Zealand business and you will be reaching your customers and helping your own sites ranking quicker than you think.

Video Tutorials how to do your listing

Help video tutorials with no steps missed on how to list your New Zealand business free on Webtell Directories. Watch this 10 minute video with no steps missed, how to easily register, do your listing and then publish live on the internet.

Built-in Email Contact Form

Customers sending you a inquiry using the built-in email form will go to the email address you register with. We do not show your email address and only you can add it to your listing page. The email address you register with cannot be changed without you doing a complete new listing.

Hence when doing a new listing please register with your main Email contact address. Register with the email address you want clients to contact you thru our built in contact form.

Our Privacy Policy is simple – New Zealand Webtell Directories will not give your email address to anyone! Your information, whether public or private, will not be sold, exchanged, transferred, or given to any other company or person for any reason whatsoever.

Login Password after Registering

After you register we send you a No-Reply Email with your password. Noteworthy, this email will probably go to your junk box. Please check your junk box and add us to your safe list so you receive any important emails from us.

We do no send newsletters or spam you and will not give your email to anyone.

For more information how to register for a free listing go to Listing Information.

Link using your brand name or web address

Always link using your business name or brand name, or if you can’t do that, just link using your actual web address (URL). Avoid the temptation to link using keywords. You should not be linking using keywords as part of this process, it’s not necessary.

Use unique New Zealand business descriptions and summaries

Importantly, its always best when submitting your New Zealand site to directories, to use unique descriptions. Don’t just copy and paste the same business description to each directory. You want your submission to be unique for best Google search results.

Avoid using software or paid services to submit your Listing

Software or paid listing services might seem like an easy way out, but it’s rarely worth it. Directory submissions like this, will end up submitting your site to all sorts of junk sites.

You’ll want to know that your Listing submissions are 100% spot on, submitted only to high quality relevant directories. Furthermore to contain unique descriptions, your contact details are correct, and that you’re easily able to login later if you need to, to update them. Don’t try to cut corners using services or automated software. Do it right.

Quality over quantity when submitting to a New Zealand Directory

You might be thinking, “Well if I submit my site to more directories, this should give a bigger boost in terms of SEO, yes?” Not entirely true.

Think quality over quantity. Webtell New Zealand Local Business Directories are all quality sites. You’re always much better off submitting your site to fewer high quality, relevant directories, than you are submitting your site to many of crappy directories. For more information on low and high quality directories please read our Directories Comparisons.

What Search Engines and Customers want

Surveys revealed that when consumers search for a local listing, they want to see the following information:

  • Address 68%
  • Phone Number 67%
  • Directions Map 58%
  • Hours of Operation 57%
  • Company Name 56%
  • Website 55%
  • Prices 53%
  • Product or Service Info 52%
  • Company Features and other Info 35%
  • Forms of Payment Accepted 28%
  • Credentials 25%
  • Brands or Trademarks 23%
  • Other Company Info 16%
  • Other Product Info 14%

This is why it’s important to fill out your Webtell USA Business listing as completely as possible. Every added citation gives you a little local SEO uptick.

The more complete your online listing, the better you’ll do for customers who actually look at your entry. They want information — lots of it.

Increase your SEO (Search Engine optimization)

Increasing SEO and for your listing to be successful pay close attention to these listing attributes; NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number), Categories, Photos, Social Profiles, Reviews, etc.

With our 2,000 exact business categories, scrolling and adding exact categories to your business listings may seem like a trivial step, but it’s actually one of the most important SEO business listing attributes. Take your time to find at least 4 exact business categories.

Especially relevant the longer you keep your listing up live, the better SEO and ranking your Webtell listing will get. In time your own page will come up on searches thru Bing, Google etc. Letting your listing expire and being deleted, you will have to start a new Listing from scratch. Hence putting your rating back.

Regularly logging into your listing and just changing something or adding a bit of text to your listing is great to teach search engines to come back to look at your site. Regular changes will teach the search engines to come back to your listing page and look for any changes. A bit of tick for SEO.

Just listing your ad and forgetting it will teach the search engines not to come back. We recommend you login and edit your ad at least a minimum of 3 times a year. By renewing every 6 months your listing will be on page one of Google before you know it and stay there.

Link to Reputable Directories

Beyond the actual link to your site, Webtell online directories are large sites that search engines see as reputable. When a search engine sees a link from one of our local New Zealand business directories to your busies website, you are in turn seen as reputable.

Now, the next time somebody Googles your business, Google already knows’ you’re reputable, and will accordingly push your website up the search rankings.

Marketing strategies

Exposure is important for all business marketing strategies. After all, the more people who are exposed to your business the more people are likely to utilize your business services.

If online visitors aren’t able to see your website or even know that it exists, then they probably aren’t going to purchase your products or services. Listing your business online in a Webtell local New Zealand city business directory helps your website to gain exposure.

Thousands of people use our online New Zealand business directories every day to find things they are interested in. Therefore they are people who are actively searching for websites that are directly related to your products or services. Due to the fact they are already looking, all you have to do is make it easy for them to find you. Webtell business directories will expose your business to more online visitors, which will also increase traffic to your website.

Low Maintenance Advertising New Zealand Businesses

Update or change tour listing as many times as you want. Importantly update or change it for the following reasons:

  • If you want to offer new services/products.
  • Move to a new location.
  • If you re-brand your business

New Zealand Business Directories support help videos tutorials tips Summary

In conclusion having an online Webtell business listing will work particularly well alongside your own website. Our high quality business directories let you to put followed links to your business website. Hence meaning you increase the amount of site traffic your website generates.

Renewing your New Zealand Business Listing is best for your search ranking, rather than letting it expire and being deleted. Search engines such as Google, Bing, etc. take about 3 months to rank your listing good and up to page 1. Especially relevant your full page listing will have its own URL that’s yours and search engines will find your page.

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